Properties for Rent by Lanirock Associates


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St. Michaels, MD

available September 2012


South Londonderry, VT

available now


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Greenwich, CT

available September 2011 for sale or rent


Stamford, CT

available April 2012 for sale or rent



Rumson, NJ

FOR SALE or RENT with 6 waterfront acres!




               Morgan Emery slideshows (or click here for all slides)

...and after Croatia



Croatian trip




Morgan endures winter's end




Morgan's second winter season





Morgan's second fall season




Morgan beats Yale!





Karina: for your eyes only


Morgan does Vermont  (click for slideshow)



Morgan visits Port Jeff & Maryland  (click for slideshow)



Morgan the Tigress, thanks to John Bitner  (click)



Morgan's first Christmas!



Morgan is 4 months old!  Soon she will be a teenager!  (click)



Morgan goes boating  weeks 4 & 5    (click for slideshow)



Morgan's first week (click for slideshow)



Click to see Morgan's coming out pictures.

Morgan is our 7-pound, 11-ounce precious little girl born on Sunday at 6 A.M.  

Morgan video clip (click)

more Shelley (click)













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